Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

ScheduleMe is a cloud-based tool that allows you to schedule an event at the best time by automatically checking everyone’s calendar. ScheduleMe makes it easy to share calendar information with people outside of your company and is secure – your information is protected and meeting details are never shared. Only free and busy times are displayed.

Below are a few commonly asked questions and you can connect with us directly at or with questions or additional information.

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How to – FAQs:

Question: Can I use any calendar or email system with ScheduleMe?

Answer: ScheduleMe supports the following calendar systems: Google,, Exchange, and iCloud. Yahoo will be supported very soon.


Question: How do I set up a calendar to use with ScheduleMe?

Answer: Your primary calendar is the calendar associated with the email address and password you provided when signing up. You can include additional calendars in the Account Settings feature, which is the best way to avoid schedule conflicts.


Question: Do people outside of my company need to use ScheduleMe in order for me to view their availability?

Answer: Yes, in order to share FREE/BUSY information with others, collaborators need to register and set up a free profile on the system with ScheduleMe. People not on the ScheduleMe system can be invited to a meeting, however, their availability will be unknown.


Question: Do I have to change the calendar I use today?

Answer: No, ScheduleMe is a tool that makes setting up a meeting easier. Once a meeting organizer selects a time that is best for all invited and sends the meeting invite, ScheduleMe automatically adds the meeting to the organizer’s calendar. The organizer then manages the meeting from their calendar system of choice. If the time of the meeting needs to change, it can be edited within the user’s normal calendar system, or users can use ScheduleMe again in order to check everyone’s availability.


Question: Can I use ScheduleMe with Outlook?

Answer: Yes, ScheduleMe has developed an Outlook Add-In which is available for download from the Office Store. ( and can be installed with Outlook on the desktop or in the web client.


Privacy & Security:

Question: Are meeting details shared when using ScheduleMe?

Answer: No, meeting details are not published or shared. Only FREE/ BUSY information is shown when using the service for users that have set up a profile on the system.


Question: Can I limit who can view my availability?

Answer: Yes. Once logged into the system, select Account Settings and My Availability. You can choose “Everyone” or “Only my Contacts” to see availability. You can also limit when others can see availability by customizing days and times.


Question: How is personal information used by ScheduleMe?

Answer: ScheduleMe must collect and use certain pieces of personal information in order to schedule meetings. Your data is not stored and is immediately deleted when you have finished scheduling an event. More information is found in the Privacy Policy.


Question: How long is personal information stored by ScheduleMe?

Answer: Meeting data is immediately deleted and not stored once a user has finished scheduling an event.


Question: As a cloud service, how can I trust that my information is safe and secure?

Answer:  The ScheduleMe platform is built in the Microsoft Cloud – Azure, included are links to Microsoft Trust Center:

  • Security: Features to help keep your data safe.
  • Privacy: You own and control your data.
  • Compliance: Industry-verified conformity with global standards.
  • Transparency: You have visibility in our practices.